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2021 – The aroma wheel of Plum Pálinka and Oak Barrel Maturation Wheel

We made the first pálinka aroma wheel in 2018, so it is now a tradition to include it in our book.
This year is special because we made not only one but two aroma wheels at the same time, as in 2021 an oak barrel aged plum pálinka won the title of Pálinka of the Ministry of Agriculture.
On one of the wheels we present the characteristics that define the plum pálinka and on a separate aroma wheel we present the aromas of oak barrel maturation. The two aroma wheels can help separately and together in identifying the aroma and taste of a pálinka, both for experts, those who want to learn and those who consume their first Pálinka too.

The Plum Pálinka aroma wheel tries to show all the aroma notes that can be characterized in general the pálinkas made from plums. And although it can be used for all varieties of plums, the presence and intensity of each variety is also very different for pálinkas made from different plum varieties.

The Oak barrel maturation aroma wheel, which shows aromas of the maturation in oak barrels contains the features that can characterize the aroma world of pálinka aged in oak barrels in general. Of course, the presence and intensity of each note varies greatly. Differences are influenced by factors such as toast type, the age of the barrel -used or new-, or what was stored in it before, or how long the item was matured in the barrel. In addition of course the character of the raw material fruit is determinative and also results a different world of character in the pálinka.