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Professional Chair of the National Pálinka of Excellence Programme

economist, trained winemaker, diploma holder of the Wine and Spirit Education Trust

(Dip WSET), member of the National Wine Expert Commission,

judge at the Concours Mondial Spirit competition

Szöllősi Edit

Pálinka mater engineer, agricultural engineer. Pálinka judge, university teacher, expert in the pálinka tourism and professional in pálinka publicity.

Takács László

Pálinka judge, lecturer and organizer of sensory trainings. The competiton director, chief organizer of the Quintessence (fomally ongai) Pálinka Competition. In the last few years he has named twice the best contract distiller, the best contract distilled Pálinka producer.

Pucsok Sándor

Pálinka judge, master distiller of the Tiszadada Pálika Distillery, producer of several award-winning contract distilled spirits.

Pavlicsek Csaba

Pálinka master, pálinka judge, expert in hospitality, cook, lecturer, devoted to the aroma research and dedicated to the pálinka gastronomy, three time national master distiller champion.

Pataki Attila

Pálinka judge. Managing director and distillate master of the Pálinkapatak Ltd. Owner of the most succesful contract of distillers in the Transdanubia area.

Nyilasi Béla

Pálinka judge. Employee of the Mámor Pálinka House. In the last few years one of the most successful pálinka distillate master, cocreator many grand prix contract distilled pálinka.

Kovács András

Pálinka judge. Owner and managing director of the Hagyó Ltd., constructor of many world class innovative technologies. Dreamer and founder of the “Hagyó-Spirit” distillation system family.

Gulyás Csaba

WSET/CEWI teacher, specialized in distillates, writer, consultant, ambassador of several global spirit brands.

Dúl Udó Endre

Food engineer, pálinka master engineer, pálinka judge. Vice president of the pálinkamaster’s National Association.

Csendes Zsolt

Pálinka master, distillate master of the Henriette Brandy, wine and pálinka judge, avid researcher of the ageing technology.